Can the memories of a loved one be contained? somethymes grief goes for a walk is an exploration of how to depart from lingering grief, but not the dearly departed. This space revolts against the fleeting nature of memory — turning the intangibles into a document.

Adrian Scott McLaurin was my best friend and my lover. When he committed suicide in 2007, I realized that many of the moments we shared were documented through videos, photos, handwritten notes, transcribed text messages, etcetera. Self-publishing somethymes grief goes for a walk was my way of revolting against fleeting memory and lingering grief. This archival text is like an organism. I poured my pain into those pages. My body could not live on with all ofit, but my mourning desired preservation. Every time that I have returned to somethymes grief, I realize that it now lives in there.

somethymes grief goes for a walk is currently out of print, but a copy is available at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.