Hookah Smoke/Lazy Dayz (Tape-Recording)

Title: Hookah Smoke/Lazy Dayz (Tape-Recording) Creator: Gill, Caitlin Creator: Joseph, Joyce LeeAnn Date: 2008-09 Place: Boulder, Colorado Description: Unabridged was made up of myself and Caitlin Gill, a performance artist and dear friend. Caitlin and I were grieving at the same time, and were each others’ support system. We used to go to the Boulder […]

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Title: somethymes grief… Interview Creator: Fye, Trish Date: 2011-10-02 Place: Brooklyn, New York Description: This is an in-depth interview about the archival text, somethymes grief goes for a walk. The inspiration behind the text, the use of a typewriter in literary performances, and the self-publishing process are discussed. […]

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Fragmented Dialogue

Title: Fragmented Dialogue Creator: Cheeseman, Sibnavus Date: 2011-11 Place: Brooklyn, New York Description: I typed excerpts from somethymes grief goes for a walk on leaves during the fall. This season is a time of transition and beautiful remains. These images serve as an interpretation and an exhibition for the archival text. […]

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